Capturing love and laughter was a passion of mine from the time I was just a wee lass.  I wanted to tell stories of how peoples eyes smiled, and how their nose crinkled when they laughed.  I wanted to stop time so that when someone looked at my photograph, they were transported back to that kiss, that embrace, that moment.  

My Pop was the first person to believe in me, and I vividly remember sitting on his lap as he let me look through the viewfinder of his camera and press the shutter.  He passed away shortly after, but those memories stuck with me and were what inspired me to save my pennies for years and finally photograph my first wedding at 17 years old.  I might have started because of Pop, but I'm still going because of me ... and you.  Capturing your memories has lit a fire within me and I don't ever want to stop.

i am so glad you are here !

image coming

image coming

Food is LIFE.  I love finding hole in the wall, mamacita run, bougie hangouts.  And you better believe I'm the customer who orders a little bit of everything with no less than five sauces on the side.  Taste bud heaven!

I am a walking general store. No, literally. I have one of everything in my purse and car just in case. Most people laugh when they get to know me, but then the day comes when my stash of goodies saves their hide in one way or another and they understand. ;)

I hold my breath on rollercoasters and talk during movies.  It's totally backwards, I know, but you can't say you haven't been warned! 

I am a big advocate of using peoples full names.  Why do we give our kids two to three names at birth if we only ever use one?  The only time most kids hear their middle name is when they are in trouble, and I think that's so tragic.  I love using full names!!  Hence, why Olivia Marie Plath is my official brand name. ;) 

And that's the tea!

Some more fun facts you might not know ... 

Everybody and their mama knows that I am a travel addict and that my life motto is "have passport, will travel".
This list reflects my current bookings and personal trips, and I update it often.  When I'm not traveling, you can find me bouncing around in the sunshine! 

travel schedule 

- 2 0 2 4 - 

June :: Washington, D.C.

July :: Montana

August :: Maine

September :: Seattle, Washington
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Culpepper, Virginia

October :: New York
Phoenix, Arizona

November :: Greece

want your wedding on the list? Let's chat! 






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